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The timetables at public transport bus stops in Tampere region get changed at least twice a year. On most bus stops there are only printed timetables, so informing the passengers about short-time or momentary changes, like public holidays or local delays in the traffic, was not possible. The most used bus stops have digital displays with real time schedules, but having this solution for all bus stops is too expensive.


Bus stop services was improved with an NFC solution. NFC sticker tags suitable for urban outdoor environment were encoded with the link to actual time table information for each bus stop. People using the bus stop only need to touch the tag with their mobile device to get the accurate information. For devices which don’t support NFC there’s also a QR code as well as the direct web address printed on the tag.

With this solution bus stop timetables are in real time for public transport users. Compared to costs of digital displays, this investment was considerably cheaper. The NFC sticker’s life expectancy is up to ten years and the information content of the tags can be easily changed. This makes the solution very ecological and versatile – and cheap to maintain.

Up to date information in your pocket

Tampere Public Transport is now able to provide real time timetables for passengers at bus stops easily and quickly. This helps the company to enhance customer satisfaction to its service. The online web service allows tag data content to be easily updated, so informing passengers of short time changes is now possible.

Tampere City Transport

Tampere Public Transport develops its services to meet the needs of all the residents at Tampere region. The goal is to provide a public transportation service, which is easy and comfortable to use for commuting to work, school, hobbies or to other places in free time.

Public transport in Tampere region is organized jointly between eight municipalities: Tampere, Pirkkala, Nokia, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Ylöjärvi, Vesijärvi and Orivesi.



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