Eazybreak: Ease of lunch paying with NFC identification


The original idea of Eazybreak service has been offering easy mobile payments for employee benefits, such as lunch and sport benefits. Usually a lunch benefit has been provided to employees either by prepaid vouchers or agreement basis, which means the lunch price is charged according to real amount of usage via user identification.

Eazybreak offers a user identifier, an alternative product for mobile payments, especially for paying agreement lunches in the large volume restaurants. Lunch is paid even 500 times during lunch time in couple of hours, so there is a significant relevance if it takes three or ten seconds. The basis of developing the product has been to make lunch payment as easy and quick as possible, and to ease personnel’s work in the agreement restaurants.

The renewed user identifier with NFC, delivered by FENTEC (former Toptunniste), can be attached to a key ring or lanyard. In the payment situation, the reader will identify the user by the number included in the identifier. The agreement price of the lunch will be charged automatically. Eazybreak will then invoice the client, based on real usage, twice a month on behalf of the agreement restaurant.


  • The payment event speeds up and shortens queuing
  • The payment identifier is made easy to use
  • The customer service is improved and becomes smoother
  • The invoicing is done automatically to the agreement restaurant
  • The payment method brings real benefits and savings to all parties

Interested in identification solutions? Contact us, and we will tell more about our intelligent solutions: phone +358 10 841 0330 or sales (at) fentec.fi

Eazybreak is an easy to use mobile service for paying employee benefits. Eazybreak brings real benefits and savings to all parties: employers, employees and merchants offering different services. Eazybreak’s growing customer base includes already over 130 000 end-users and over 500 companies including Tieto Ltd, Sodexo, Elixia gym centres, all R-kioski’s around Finland, Ravintola Factory, Yliopiston Apteekki, UNICEF Finland and many other businesses from banking- and insurance, IT and service industries.


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