Nature trail with NFC technology


In Finland there are thousands of nature trails that run through beautiful landscapes, rivers and buildings along the way. Paths have been built a number of manual signs about sights or regional nature and animals. The problem has been that the information boards will not survive a long time in harsh outdoor environment.

NFC technology is a great option for information on tablets because of its durability. NFC tags also have the advantage that the content can be made easily and quickly changes if necessary. The information contained in the NFC tag can be, for example, a link to history of the area, a video or even a map service. Mäntyharju Nature trails connected to the outer space signage and NFC tag when the tables were big enough to facilitate reading of the text. Is implemented inside the NFC tag, in order to be weather, dirt and protected against vandalism. Even the info boards became dirty the NFC tag works flawlessly with NFC mobile devices.

NFC Tarvaala luontopolku


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