Feig CPR50.10-E HF Card Reader

349€ / piece

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Product Description

Feig CPR50.10-E HF reader is a quality HF reader with Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface and an internal antenna.

This wall mountable card reader is for appli­cations like access control, people identification at self-service terminals etc. It supports transponders following the ISO standards 14443-A & -B and 15693. The ID CPR50.10-E can also communicate with NFC-devices.

Due to the Ethernet-port an easy integration in existing LAN networks is possible. Power supply can be Power over Ethernet. This ensures a fast, economical and secure installation process.

The operating mode “Notification Mode” reduces data traffic between the card reader and the host to a minimum. The host system needs only to initialize a data transfer if the card reader has reported a transponder.

The data transfer between card reader and host can be secured with the AES Algorithm with a 128 Bit en­cryption key.

With an optional I/O Card (ID CPR.I/O-A) one relay and two digital Inputs are available. The ID CPR.I/O-A option can be mounted away from the card reader in a secure area providing a more tamper-proof system.

CPR50.10-E HF reader set includes:
* ID ISC.CPR50.10-E reader
* Ethernet cable
* PoE (Power over Ethernet) power cable

Applications: access control, time and attendance, electronic ticketing.