SMARTRAC Circus white wet

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Product Description

One of our most popular NFC sticker tags for its small size and versatility. Circus tags can be used on items, where there’s only a limited amount of space available for tagging. It offers a unique ID (UID) mirror functionality, which enables the chip serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded URL address.

Are you in need of printed tags? Like all white surface tags, also Circus tags can be printed on. For white surface we can print e.g. your company logo, UID number of the tag or a barcode.

For larger quantities and printed tags please ask for an offer!

Physical type: White label with adhesive on back side
Environment: Indoor
Shape: Round
Size: Diameter 22 mm
Chip: NXP NTAG213
Technology: HF 13.56 MHz
Memory size: 144 bytes
Standard: ISO 14443A | NFC Forum Type 2
Compatible systems: Android, Windows, BlackBerry

Fields of application: Personal identification, product identification, retail, social media, toys.

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