Beontag ECO Bumper UHF tag

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Product Description

Environmentally friendly ECO Bumper paper UHF tag with UCODE 8 is a sustainable choice for demanding industrial and supply chain applications. ECO Bumper features best-in-class
performance, reliability and a flexible structure. Use of paper substrate enables a thinner 2-layer tag structure eliminating extra polyester layers, which makes the label more flexible. The label adheres well on curved surfaces such as paper roll cores. The tag is fibre-based and can be recycled together with other fibre-based packaging or material.

ECO Bumper delivers excellent performance on a wide range of materials and challenging environments, and provides the reliability required for high grade of automation and efficiency. The read range is up to 18-20 meters. It performs at all stages of the product’s life cycle in tracking items from source to point of sale.

ECO Bumper tag is also printable. For white surface we can print e.g. your company logo, UID number of the tag or a barcode. For printed or customized tags and other order quantities please ask for an offer!

Technical details

Physical type: White label with adhesive on back side
Environment: Indoor/outdoor
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 97 x 27 mm / 3.82 x 1.06 in
Roll size: 4000 pcs
Chip: NXP’s UCODE 8
Technology: 860-960 MHz
Memory size: 128 bit EPC
Standard: ISO 18 000-63, EPC Gen2v2
Read range: 18-20m

Fields of application: industry, supply chain management, retail.