Beontag ECO Stripe UHF tag

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Product Description

The 100% fibre-based and sustainable ECO Stripe is a UHF tag for new retail an on-metal applications. It is manufactured with green manufacturing processes using renewable materials. It uniquely combines anti-tamper functionality with outstanding wide-band performance in on-metal and other hard-to-tag applications.

ECO Stripe makes an excellent, easy and cost-efficient solution in many different tagging scenarios. ECO Stripe is partially applied on a metallic object, which boosts antenna performance. With its thin label and small size, ECO Stripe can be used in the smallest retail stock keeping units (SKU) or to tag small metallic industrial tools and parts. The paperbased structure allows tamper protection, which helps to prevent shrink and to reduce shoplifting, fraud and administrative errors. ECO Stripe performs at all stages of the product’s life cycle tracking items from source to point of sale.

ECO Stripe green label product does not contain plastic or toxic materials, and it has a low carbon footprint. Eco Stripe is recyclable and biodegradable, minimizing the ecological footprint and making it a natural choice for high-volume applications.

ECO Stripe tag is also printable. For white surface we can print e.g. your company logo, UID number of the tag or a barcode. For printed or customized tags and other order quantities please ask for an offer!

Technical details

Physical type: White label with adhesive on back side
Environment: Indoor/outdoor
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 43 x 21 mm / 1.69 x 0.83 in
Roll size: 5000 pcs
Chip: NXP’s UCODE 8
Technology: 860-960 MHz
Memory size: 128 bit EPC
Standard: ISO 18 000-63, EPC Gen2v2
Reader range: Typically 10-15 m

Fields of application: industry, retail, pharma.